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Ocoos Destination Marketing Network

November 19, 2015

Ocoos, a software company out of the University of Florida, has developed a patented web solution for destination marketing organizations that seeks to address the current maintenance, promotion, conversion and reporting issues faced by many Tourist Development Council (TDC) web solutions currently being employed around the country.Ocoos Offerings Address These Problems with 4 Key Components:Traffic Generation: Drive traffic to destination marketing websites without the use of expensive and short-lived PPC or Social Media Campaigns (patented).Technology: Minimal level of Internet capability for all partners. Bolt-on eCommerce solutions that are often out-of-reach for small and medium sized business (SMB)Maintenance: Provide partners incentives to keep TDC websites accurate and up-to-date by a managed and natural shift in ownership responsibilities.Analytics: All-encompassing reporting, analytics and eCommerce metrics with built-in remarketing capabilities at county and partner...

Using the power of the network to amplify your brand and online sales

November 4, 2015

Enterprises in various industries engage with networks of small businesses as distributors, suppliers, or customers.   In general, independent small businesses have limited expertise and capability in sales/marketing.  According to Google, 50% of these businesses do not have websites and 90% of them do not have websites optimized for mobile platforms.   This is all in the context of 90% of consumers going to the internet as their primary method for research and increasingly doing so on mobile platforms. The situation is so extreme that Google has announced that it will penalize non-mobile optimized websites in their search ranking [mobilegeddon].In this article, we will show that by meaningfully engaging with their network on the topic of online infrastructure,  large brands can create a keiretsu effect which can amplify their brand, drive incremental sales, and strengthen their network.Network Marketing for Distributors:Enterprises such as insurance companies, financial services...

Frost & Sullivan recommends Ocoos as Top Pick

November 4, 2015

Frost & Sullivan Features Ocoos as One of Three 'Top Picks'Frost & Sullivan, the leader in growth consulting with more than 40 offices worldwide, now features Ocoos as top three “Buyer's Guide Top Picks” for Enabling Successful eCommerce for Small Mid-Sized Businesses. This selection is independent confirmation not only of the services Ocoos provides, but the strongest validation – from the strongest study in the field – concerning the Ocoos value statement across a diverse array of industries. Full Article at Ocoos.com 

What is the Next Step for Specialty Retailers (Petsmart, Staples, FootLocker,Office Depot etc)?

November 4, 2015

In the last 10 years, specialty retailers have grown rapidly. The list of successful companies include names such as Staples, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Petsmart, Petco, Sports Authority, Hobbylobby., etc. Recently, many of these specialty retailers have encountered challenging times due to the disruptive business models coming from the likes of Amazon, Walmart and Target. In this thought piece, we assert that specialty retailers could significantly benefit from leveraging local SMB service providers as valuable customers and partners. As a customer, the SMB community is a valuable market which can be large in its own right as well as provide thought leadership to the broader customer community. As a partner, the SMB community can provide valuable complementary services which can be “networked” through the specialty retailer (similar to Apple’s iTunes store) to complement their traditional product sales.With this strategic direction, specialty retailers can capitalize on their...

Ocoos recommended by Pricetree Review Site

November 4, 2015

7 Best E-commerce Solutions for Small BusinessesWith a boom in the startups, most of the techi people are turning to be an entrepreneur, starting their own business. But as idea could be great for startups, the issue to get all services from third party or to setup their own teams for everything is not possible and always controversial. With the innovation and technology although, launching a website is not a big thing, where build in tools, readymade themes, quick launch banners and other resources are bundled up , which could be started with a click. These tools are handy and make the life of business owner easier as sailing is smooth. Let’s have a quick glance on what are the solutions available for any new launch up of ecommerce website. Full Article at www.pricetree.com 

Article at Business-Superstar.com

November 4, 2015

Dr. Rahul Razdan, founder and CEO of Ocoos, Ocala, Fla.Dr. Rahul Razdan is no stranger to the business world: He holds a PhD in computer science from Harvard, is named on 24 issued patents and has over 20 of years executive management experience in a variety of roles in sales, R&D, and marketing. His latest endeavor is Ocoos, a cloud-based platform that enables business owners to build a world-class marketing solution for their distinctive interests. Full Article at Business-Superstar.com 

Where are the Solutions for Service Based Businesses ?

November 4, 2015

​Over the years, innovation has spurred both growth and efficiency in the distribution sector for products. Today, as a product maker, it is easier than ever to market and sell your offerings. The significant innovations for products which include mail-order catalogs (Sears), superstores with optimized logistics (Walmart) , speciality superstores (Dick’s, Staples, Bass Pro Shops..etc), and finally into the world of ecommerce with Amazon/Ebay.Service providers have seen no similar increase in efficiency. At best, one can say that Yellow Pages has provided a directory (online and in book) and review systems (Yelp, Google) have provided a method for lowering the barriers for engagement. However, largely suppliers of services are still in the same position that product makers were decades ago.There is a great need for services-based businesses to get the tools to manage their business as well as network with complementary businesses to build larger more interesting value...