Network Marketing with Customers

 Network Marketing for Customer Members:

Consider brands which sell primarily to smbs ranging from retailers (Sam's club, staples), to banks (BofA, etc) or payment processors (firstdata, square).  For a large range of these brands, the core products are either commodity. Thus, building a more intimate relationship with their customers is critical to their success. Today, the major point-of-engagement is when the customer walks into the retail store. However, consider the situation:

  1. Brand offers customers a state-of-art online solution as a part of member services.
  2. As a part of this solution, brand integrates customer services (70% SMBs provide services) into the main brand website. The referrals create another opportunity for monetization.
  3. The core value of the enterprise (payment processing, supplies, banking) is pre-integrated into a more complete online value stack for the SMB.

With this situation, brands can build a much more valuable relationship with the SMB customers. This is a relationship where the brand can reach the customer well before they walk into the store. It also sets the technology underpinning for the next generation of network marketing.  Case studies with sam's club (HERE) and banking (HERE) are included.

Documents Attached to Network Marketing with Customers:
Case Study: Sam's CLub