Network Marketing with Distributors

 Network Marketing for Distributors

Enterprises such as insurance companies, financial services providers, or payment processors use large networks of independent agents for their sales/distribution.  These agents are increasingly facing a market where consumers engage on the internet, yet much like most SMBs, these agents are not equipped to succeed.  For the enterprise, the impact of the internet is material because  the agency channel is increasingly becoming non-competitive. Further, the efforts of these small businesses to engage on the internet often lead to situations where the major brand is not represented well. As a result, even the “find nearest agent” functionality from the main brand site is actually leading customers in a negative direction. What is the solution? Large Brands need to arm their network with more than some marketing literature and a physical sign. They need to get intimately involved to enable the online lives of their network. How?

Imagine the following solution:

  1. Brand Builds Online Portals for their network with two options:
    • Whole agency website with brand portal
    • Brand portal in the context of existing agency website
  2. Solution has the following characteristics:
    • Agency controls updates and local marketing
    • Brand broadcasts content to the brand portal within website
    • Solution represents state-of-art (mobile, search, crm, analytics, etc)
    • High level analytical information shared with brand

With this solution, the brand has the following advantages:

  • Radically Improved Agency Effectiveness with Consumers
  • Control of the Brand within Agency Website
  • New Advertising Vehicle..the Agency website acts as a digital billboard
  • Local Analytics integrated into enterprise analytics for advertising optimization
  • “Find an agent” functionality connected to brand portal

For the Agent, there are also significant advantages:

  1. World-class online infrastructure to make them visible to customers
  2. Brand support for content updates (thus helping in SEO)
  3. Analytics, crm, and data mining for marketing optimization at the brand and agency level

Overall, enabling the agent with online infrastructure allows brands to crowdsource marketing energy from their network, control the messaging of their brand, enable their network to differentially compete in the marketplace and accelerate sales. It also sets the technology underpinning for the next generation of network marketing.  An example case study using the Hartford is shown HERE

Documents Attached to Network Marketing with Distributors:
Case Study: the Hartford