Network Marketing with Suppliers

 Network Marketing for Suppliers

Leveraging the network is not limited to situations around sales/distribution. There are enterprises which use large network of independent suppliers to deliver services in situations ranging from emergency service (AAA) to comarketing entities such as regional vacation and convention bureaus (VCBs). For brands using the network as suppliers, the network also offers an invaluable opportunity to grow their brand, build incremental sales channel, and strengthen their network.

Consider the situation for brands such as AAA. Imagine they armed their network with online website resources which included AAA branding and dispatch capabilities. With this change, AAA would gain access to the 900K searches happening for local tow-truck services (65% on mobile devices). This is the traffic from non-AAA members. What an opportunity to move customers to AAA. In addition, AAA could offer centralized dispatch, billing, and financial rollup services to their network for a small fee. For the SMB, AAA has simplified their life and provided an additional source of income. For AAA, the network is stronger, and they have a path to convert end consumer to their club in a potentially self-service model. It also sets the technology underpinning for the next generation of network marketing.

In the context of most VCBs and other comarketing situations, they face the issue that most of their SMB members are not internet enabled. Thus, higher level marketing effectiveness (ex: group packages) which can drive collective business are impossible to implement. Further, template based solutions on VCB sites are limited in functionality and create an ongoing maintenance nightmare.   Finally, critical analytics information on the effectiveness of the marketing are missing. 

An integrated network marketing solution significantly solves the major issues for these sorts of co-marketing organizations. Case studies around an example VCB as well as   AAA are attached.



Documents Attached to Network Marketing with Suppliers:
AAA case study
VCB Case Study